Powerful Great County (PGC) - running for the Poor


I serve the Citizens of Prince George's County.  I answer only to my fellow Prince Georgians. Most of the County's business will be transparent.  I welcome tough penetrating questions from everyone.  When I make a mistake, I will own & fix it.


Community Banks such as Industrial Bank will be welcomed.  Racist, Predatory & disrespectful banks such as Bank of America will have to change their banking practices to continue to operate in Prince George's County.

Real Estate

My Administration will dictate to developers & builders how business is conducted in Prince George's County.  I will have laser focus on driving down the high foreclosure, short sales, and bankruptcies rates.


I am a successful independent ethical business man. I am doing this for the people.  I cannot be bought; hence, keep your dirty money to yourselves.

Law Enforcement

All Police Officers will be respected and they will respect all Citizens of Prince George's County.  Racist and/or Rouge cops will be dismissed.


Since education is the key, I want to bring education back under my control.  I will tirelessly work to improve the schools and to encourage all of us to send our children to the County schools and to set higher expectations.