Angela Alsobrooks Political Murder att. of Michael Kennedy


1. Came and got me first

2. Down to my underwear hands up with my back to the door

3. Told them several times not to kn;ock down the door 

4. Asian male on swat team was looking at me real hard with a machine gun. I believe he was the one that was going to kill me.

5. White Italian told me he was 35 yrs old, he looks like he’s ;over 40

6. Tall white male with Dallas cowboy hat on

7. Black male maybe African

8. Black male look nervous and scared

9. White male used my bathroom who said he wanted to work for me

10. White male offered a drink who looked weak. Who was standing next to the Italian white man and man with Dallas Cowboy hat

11. White male who I met at the MGM last week (picture enclosed) who s;ays he is interested in working for me

12. White Italian man said you were fair

13. At least ten o;ther police. Those were the others I know of. The rest were outside of the house.

14. Basement door was not damaged

15. Front door screen was busted

16. Front door was busted

17. Guest bedroom door was busted

18. Masterbedroom door was buksted

19. Upstairs was barely searched

20. They bought the Mother and Son upstairs about 15 minutes later.

21. They refused to give him his pants

22. Spoke at meeting