Moms Service Program - Miss You

Some of the Racist Synchopants

President David Finkel

A cheap big nose racist jew that sabotage the DC Medicaid contract was sent back to europe.

Stephen Flannery - David's pitbull

A mean little dude that was escorted out of the building.

President Michael Walter - the biggest tool on the planet

jew man David's chosen one who is so politically incorrect he makes racist Donald Trump look Politically correct.  He tells dick jokes in meetings and makes jacking off motions in front of Black female employees.

Lisa Welcher

An high priced paid manless dog-loving consultant that brings that dirty mutt to work.

Lisa Walsh

A "quiet" skinny big nose italian that snoops more than Snoop Doggy Dog low level beach that you can count on to deliver a message and does what she is told to do.  She obviously owns scores of knee pads.

Amar Gurivireddygari

A racist chauvinist bully Indian yes man whose breath smells like shit.

Jewish Healthcare corp run like an Hitler Concentration Camp

Lauren Schafer

The biggest liar I know.

Mark K. Schneider

The "sweetest" racist I know.

Rat Joseph Jacobs

Amar's Indian right hand man who is a dry snitcher.

MedStar Health Trump Supporters

Most MedStar Family Choice employees are rabid trump supporters.

DC Medicaid Contract

MFC President David Finkel made racist comments when MedStar Family Choice did not get the DC Medicaid contract

File Charges at the EEOC Within 6 Months

 10 S Howard St #3000, Baltimore, MD 21201

(410) 209-2237