James "Brat" Kennedy

James Bernice Meeting

My father had an Harley crew and they were sizing up the sisters; my father said "I will take the China Doll".  My mom didn't like him at first since my dad was not a pretty boy and eight years older than my 17 year old virgin mother.  Reluctantly she took a ride on my dads bike because she liked his last name.


My father started putting babies in my mother: Terrence, Mark, Antoine - all bastards.  My dad finally decided to marry my mother (she won't admit that she nagged his ass).  So they tried one more time for a daughter and my big head ass was born at Georgetown hospital.

His Boys

My dad loved all of us but I was easily his favorite.  Pretty boy Mark was my moms favorite.  Terrence was the second favorite of both parents.  Antione DC General born ass was fucked for life.  My moms thought I was a deaf mute since I did not talk until I was two and I never smiled; I was simply checking shit out.

Growing Up

My father took us fishing at fletchers boat house by Georgetown and to McDonald's every Saturday I guess to give moms a break.  One day, we couldn't catch shit with the rods, so my daddy decided to switch over to the nets.  My big brothers caught a few, but my baby ass caught 105.  My brothers looking at me like look at this lucky mother fucker.  Daddy and I almost caught a seal that day and it almost pulled me in the water;  Daddy told me to stand down.  I was so excited to bring home the fish for moms to cook for us.  One of the best days in my life.

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